TED Global 2013

Opening title animation for the TED Global 2013 conference with the theme Forces of Change.The animation is a graphical exploration of the concept of change having geology and stratigraphy as the starting point. The earth’s surface and its layers tell us the story of the never ending process of change in our planet and in an abstract, animated way I tried to use this idea to represent change as a universal idea. Each layer can be seen as one thought, a single unit or seed in a chain of events that leads to unimaginable results. Finally, paper was the medium of choice for this animation for being a simple material but very adaptable in terms of shape, color and texture.

Director: Maria Nogueira
Agency: WE ARE Pi
Music: Lavoisier (whoislavoisier.com)
Production company: Trigger Happy Productions
Photo & Editing Assistant: Eric Birnbaum