Fabrico Próprio flyer

fabricoproprioFlyer design, illustration  & animation for the launch of the book Fabrico Próprio in Berlin at the shop Paz d’Alma – Design aus Portugal.


“Fabrico Próprio – The Design of Semi-Industrial Confectionery” is a 332-page, hardcover book dedicated to Portuguese confectionery and its relation to design. Reflecting the importance of this universe in our culture and society, it is primordially an encyclopaedic record of several specimens of Portuguese daily confectionery cakes photographed and shown close to real scale. this compilation – the first consistent record ever conducted in our country on this kind of food products – is joined by introductory texts, historic notes and also a confectionery glossary.


Book design: Atelier Carvalho Bernau
A project by Pedrita studio and Frederico Duarte


The process.

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