Stop motion animation for the notebook brand Moleskine showing the possibilities of customisation for brands and businesses. Project done in January 2015. Additional Credits: Strategy & Production: Daniela Berto/Neue Big Script Editing: Lisa Cadamuro Animation and Photography: Yasmin Kercher Adel

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ADCN Yearbook cover

I was invited by the Art Directors Club Netherlands to create a piece to be featured as a cover of the Yearbook of Advertising and Design, together with other 11 creatives from different fields. The goal was to explore all

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Merry Xmas

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Zabriskie Anniversary

Flyer for Zabriskie Bookshop anniversary

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Imagina com plasticina

My first children’s book.

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The Crisis and Us

Folded poster for the film The Crisis and Us, by Johan Kramer. The film depicts a series of made up stories narrated on top of super 8 films that Johan made during a few years. The stories talk about the lives

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50x book by Norbert Van Leyen

Book design for photographer and curator Norbert van Leyen. On occasion of his 50th birthday 50 books with 50 photographs were produced.

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FUKT #13 Teaser

Video Teaser for FUKT #13, Magazine for Contemporary Drawing.

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Poster AGI São Paulo 2014

Poster for the AGI conference exhibition at the Museu da Língua Portuguesa in São Paulo.

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World Cup Postcard

Screen printed postcard done together with The Very Small Office of Johan Kramer on the occasion of the World Cup 2014.

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Zabriskie Büchladen

Identity system for a small bookshop in Berlin focused in finding special books about nature and culture.

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KPN Children’s book illustration

Illustration for a children’s book featured on a KPN advertising film.

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Football Moustaches Exhibition

Poster design for the exhibition Voetbalsnorren at the Galeries Modernes

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Fabrico Próprio flyer

Flyer design & animation for the launch of the book Fabrico Próprio in Berlin

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Illustration for a Non-profit campaign about Elders and finding happiness on everyday situations.

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FUKT #12

Cover design for issue 12 of FUKT – a magazine for contemporary drawing.

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Kranenburgh Museum

Series of animations for the opening of a new Art Museum in the Netherlands.

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TED Global 2013

Stop motion animation for TED Global 2013.

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Cake design

Cake design for a advertising campaign directed by Johan Kramer. agency: Heimat Berlin

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Postcrossing Business Cards

I recently designed new business cards for Paulo and Ana, the creators of Postcrossing. After working on the website’s redesign, it was a great challenge to finally create something printed that you can hold. And because the project is all

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Mr Spoqui

Interview and illustrations with Eva Gonçalves for the coolest family-run magazine Mr. Spoqui.

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New Year Animation

New year’s greetings animation for german artist Karin Sander. Art direction: Ariane Spanier Design & animation: Maria Nogueira

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The Quick Brown Fox

I decided to get the lazy dog out of sight and get only the quick brown fox silkscreened in this bordeaux 100% cotton tote bag. Made with love in berlin.

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Postcrossing new logo

Logo design for a Postcrossing, a website for postcard loving people from all around the world.

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Telefono Roto – Broken telephone – Telefone estragado

Poster following a skype conversation I had with design students from the Pontificia Universidad of Colombia.

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Poster for the future

Poster for the Future Hope Orphanage Home orphanage in Nigeria.

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HAPPY 2013 animation

2013 New Year’s animation  

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The Big Draw Berlin

Setup and stop motion for a drawing festival in berlin designed by Ariane Spanier.

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TED Global 2012

Intro animation for one of the themes of the TED Global conference in Edinburgh with We Are Pi and Trigger Happy Productions

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The Newspaper of the Very Small Office of Johan Kramer

Illustrations for a newspaper presenting the smallest creative office in the world

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Caderno do Bebé

Grandmother / Granddaughter collaboration

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Storyboard drawings for Hornbach films directed by Stian Smestad and produced by Trigger Happy.

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Passenger Portraits

Drawings for the Turkish Airlines campaign Passenger Portraits.

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The Nikon Kids Project

Illustrated booklet treatment for a Nikon campaign by Johan Kramer

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My experiments with play-doh continue and in the form of an excerpt from a skype conversation between me, my sister and my mom.

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Letters are around us and grow when least expected.

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Volksbank Animation

Illustrations for a german bank campaign

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Volksbank campaign

Illustration and art direction for the Volksbank advertising campaign directed by Johan Kramer

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Aishti minis

Model making for Aishti minis while interning at Sagmeister Inc.

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My kitchen illustration was featured in ‘Bíblia’ magazine.

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Filling time

Time-based illustrations where time is materialized as ink.

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Mercearia Portuguesa

Graphic Design for Mercearia Portuguesa / Portuguese Corner Shop a shop in Macau selling traditional portuguese products like vintage soaps, ceramics, wine, and many others.

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Brand proposal

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Toilet Paper Collection

A toilet. paper. collection…

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Screw Type!

One-hour typeface using screws and a magnet.

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